Traffic Cops


Being able to pull and use your resources can be a wonderful thing. This scenario is no different. My good friend, Glen McBride Jr just released the trailer to his comedic film “Traffic Cops”.  Written & directed by McBride, the movie was filmed at several locations in the New York City area. It’s due to tentatively be released this Summer.  I hope in the near Glen can create a path for others to follow just like Spike Lee & Tyler Perry has done for directors and actors that wear both hats on set.

 Check out the trailer and be on the lookout for the movie where ever you go to find your indie movies. Your support is great fully appreciated. Send your thoughts about the movie and keep it trending on tweeter to @trafficcopsmovie & @theskinnyc  


“Traffic Cops” is a hilarious buddy cop comedy starring Glenn McBride Jr (Marcus) and Giovanni Lozada (Noriega) as two hilarious New York City traffic buddy cops. Things go wrong for the two buddy cops when their jobs are in jeopardy after their  boss hires a stern female Traffic Cop Lieutenant to follow and keep an eye them to make sure they do their job , after the two caused a major hilarious traffic accident. Things get even more complicated when they find out the tough stern Traffic Cop Lieutenant is Noriega’s scorn and angry ex girlfriend. Co starring funny actor Cheron Bey, as the fast talking worldwide connected convict known as  Data.



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