Power Struggle: Comcast vs U.S. Regulators

Comcast Corp/Time Warner Cable Corp
Comcast Corp/Time Warner Cable Corp

U.S. Regulators are skeptical of a merger between Time Warner Cable Inc and Comcast Corp, the #1 and #2 cable operators in the U.S. Competitors have addressed concerns that the union would possess too much power over what Americans are allowed to watch and do on the internet. Comcast is fighting back letting it be known that the concerns are baseless, while in fact there is growing competition in video and internet markets with companies such as Google Inc and Apple Inc jumping into the video market.

Comcast is considering removing some of its cable subscribers so that the merger will serve about 30% of the United States paid television market and 20-30% of broadband subscribers. The FCC and U.S. Department of justice are conducting reviews and examinations to decide whether the merger will go on or get nixed.

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