[Morning Cup] Dj Khaled cites “The Streets” as credible Info Source, Kris Jenner Not a Racist and House Majority Leader Outted by a Guy Named Brat

Kris Jenner

Morning Cup


Dj Khaled

While you were sleeping some serious things occurred, but 1st lets recant the seriously stupid – DJ Khaled

Radio DJ/Producer DJ Khaled joined the debate desk on First Take.  He discussed why he thought the Heat lost to the Spurs and to everyone’s dismay he credited “The Streets” as his source for inside information that the Spurs cheated.  This is the same guy who proposed to Nicki Minaj on radio, knowing that she was engaged to her long-time boyfriend Safaree Samuels.  Don’t know about “The Streets” but The tweets were definitely watching.  The tweets and meme’s were hilarity at its greatest.

In other nobody cares, but since every other media source is reporting it we are too news…  Kris Jenner is not racist and doesn’t hate Kanye West.  The Momager’s Instagram was hacked and the hacker posted various racist and rude messages acting as Jenner.  One of the messages stated, “Shout out to all my followers. I don’t like Kanye West. I just pretend I do so my daughters can make a profit. I can’t stand Kanye and I hate Karim… that’s French Montana.”  Does KJ even speak in that manor?  Anyone who believed this hack probably believes Khloe and French Montana are serious.

Looks like they swapped a semi-jerkish Republican for a full on jerk of a republican.  Eric Cantor House Majority Leader was defeated by a guy with the last name Brat.  What does this mean?  Well…  Brat told Fox News “If you go knocking door to door, you’ll know the American people think they’re in trouble… It was a miracle. God gave us this win.”  Dave Brat is the quintessential Tea-Party backed candidate who wants to send immigrants back to their country no matter what and has a strict focus on Republican tradition.  There are jerkish Democrats as well…  See also) Al Sharpton.

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