GAC Motor Shifts Gears with Transformers 4

GAC Motor E-jet Concept Car makes an appearance at Detroit's auto show
GAC Motor E-jet Concept Car makes an appearance at Detroit’s auto show

GAC Motor is Attracting More Fans than ever after Several Models of the Chinese Automotive Brand Appear in
Transformers 4


Making its international movie debut, GAC Motor accelerates its plan for global expansion.  The 100% Chinese brand automobile was cast in Transformers 4: Age of Extinction.  Due in theaters June 27th, the fashionable & cool cars are already garnering the attention of fans and movie-goers.  The E-jet and GA5 models are featured in the soon to be summer blockbuster.  The latter of the two is the get-away car in a chase scene where the stars of Transformers 4 are pursued by the decepticons, which ends in their safe arrival to Hong Kong.

With its new found popularity, GAC anticipates going toe-to-toe with the world’s most well-known luxury brands.  Wu Song, general manager of GAC MOTOR, says: “We have developed a step-by-step strategy of ‘Introducing’ and ‘Going Out’, adhering to the principle of being self-sufficient as we constantly strive for self-improvement.”  Word has it Transformers director, Michael Bay, is hoping to have a GAC model named after him.

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