Diet Option: Phytates


I came across this video today and I’ve decided that I wanted to share with as many people as possible. Hopefully others will get the message and that maybe it can help save someone’s life. A healthy diet is something a lot of people over look. At times it can easily be discounted based on the lifestyle you live. I totally understand how someone can work a 12 hour work day and not want spend time creating a meal in the kitchen. As a result the simple thought of something fast, cheap, and accessible come to your mind as a dietary fix for the evening.

An increase of phytates to your diet might help get you on a transition of choosing a better meal option. Here’s a simple definition of  Phytic acid (phytate), concentrated in food such as beans, whole grains, and nuts, may help explain lower cancer rates among plant-based populations.

Dr. Michael Greger from provides visual and audio breakdown of how increasing your intake of phytic acids can help prevent risks of cancer.

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