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Back in the late 90’s No Limit records was one of the top labels in the country. Making a strong push in the South out of the New Orleans area, Master P became a house hold name. One artist on the roster that never released album was Ms. Peaches. Many may remember her for vocals on the many appearances she done on the album cuts for a few of her label mates, most notably on Lil’ Romeo 2001 hit single “My Baby”. Fast forward 13 years later and Ms. Peaches, now using her given name, Aldreamer is continuing to strive for success and is ready to release her own album (A Way With Words) this Summer.

I got the chance to first network with Peaches when I was working with ARS Worldwide Entertainment. We were very familiar in the Shreveport area of Louisiana. Ms. Peaches was one of the first people I bumped into as I was reaching into other cities of Louisiana. Now, signed to Zillion Dolla Grind Entertainment, owned and operated by her brother, Reggie Smith, Aldreamer trusts the one person who literally pumped the love of music back into her to help sail her way into musical success. I got the chance to speak with the Baton Rouge native right before the NBA All Star Weekend festivities got going about her new single, upcoming album, and some things she learned in life so far.

Prime Time: “A Way With Words”, what was the significance of the name?

Aldreamer: I’m a writer, lyricist, and songstress by nature. I believe in words meaning a whole lot to people. It’s something that can touch the soul and be relatable to people. Word play can be a wonderful thing.

Prime Time: What can we expect from it?

Aldreamer: Just a real vocal R&B album. It’s going to consist of having love in the air, being heartfelt, my life experiences, spiritual, and the soul of my 3 kids. My children are my number 1 motivation in my life and my fans give me the extra push too.

Prime Time: How did the lead single “I Choose You” come about?

Aldreamer: Well, first the beat was produced by T-rifik. I heard the beat on SoundClick and immediately went to write on over it. Once I recorded the song, my brother Reggie really wanted to push it and do the marketing for it. I initially wasn’t looking to do anything but he had so much faith in me and the record, I ended up committing to his label.

Prime Time: Makes you think who will look out for you better than blood, It’s thicker than water.

Aldreamer: Yes! I just want to give a shout out to him and Zillion Dolla Grind. We have two rap artists on there as well. Nugg & DZ.

Prime Time: Awesome! Do you keep in contact with much people from No Limit?

Aldreamer: Yes, a few here and there. Mystikal, XL, and C- Murder are definitely my peoples. I kept in contact with several others after the No Limit era but as time went on, we lost contact.

Prime Time: What have you learned since you’ve been in the music industry?

Aldreamer: It molded me to become better business woman first then an artist. When I first started I knew nothing about publishing or any of the business aspects associated with the music business. All I wanted to do was make a living from what I loved to do, Sing! I felt as though I was living out my dreams and childhood passions. I wrote basically everything that I sang on but only received credit on the album. No publishing, no royalties. After being on so many songs and not getting my publishing for them I learned that I have to handle my legal priorities first and foremost.

Aldreamer: I also learned that all money isn’t good money. I’ve had opportunities to sign with other labels since my time on No Limit but I didn’t feel like I connected with them enough to place my future in their hands. Most importantly, I learned to “Never compromise who you are for neither money nor music.” Keep it real with yourself, to yourself and for the love of yourself! If you feel like you have to compromise yourself; walk away. It only means that God has something better for you.

Prime Time: I can understand that!

Prime Time: Who directed the video?

Aldreamer: 2K Thomas. He’s with Money hustle Films (MH Films). It was an automatic chemistry when we got together. Great people to work with! I had a great time filming this video.

Prime Time: Well, I thank you for your time I’m going to display the video for other to see and I wish many blessings your way.

Aldreamer: Thank you! The album is called “A Way With Words” and look for it this Summer 2014.




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