93.7 -FM WBLK turning 50


Congratulations to 93.7 –FM WBLK for reaching a milestone that many people wouldn’t believe. It’s turning 50! Yes, 50 years of service in the Buffalo area. It was December 10, 1964 when the station first came to air. WBLK is the oldest urban radio station in the United States of America. WBLK is a staple in the community and has been a launching pad for many of the talents that came through that door from interns, on-air staff, writers, promoters, and mix deejays. Western New York has been an unsung gateway to success for many people who’ve found a way to make an impact in music and entertainment.

Urban myth in the 716 is that WBLK stand for “BLacK”. Many people probably don’t know this but the station call letters were actually the initials of its first major financial supporter Benjamin L Kulick.

On a personal note I want to thank the staff at this station during my time of service there. The atmosphere was educational, exciting, and exceptional. My mentors there laid out a great foundation for me to live and lead in life. I also want to wish the current staff much success to them.

Take a listen to the station some time when your free. You might get the opportunity to hear one of the next big future entertainers. www.wblk.com

Take a look at this video a WBLK was being inducted in the Buffalo Broadcasters Association Hall of Fame. Shout out to Chris Reynolds. He’s been the lead man there since 2003.



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