10 Reasons Why The Animated Sitcom Is Genius

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The animated sitcom has become an outlet for progressive ideology; animated sitcoms serve as many people’s outlets for spreading their political, social and religious influences. On the outside Cartoonists like Seth MacFarlane  and Matt Groening have unknowingly created a generation of apathetic  joksters, but at its root they have developed a culture of self-aware progressive thinkers. Generation Y is proving to be the generation of change because of these modern day Jim Hensons. 

Here are just few examples of their cartoon genius:


1. Lois is running for mayor and she learns to appeal to Quahog’s undecided voters


2. Homer is exercising his constitutional right to vote, but there seems to a bit of alluding to the 2000 Presidential election


3. Futurama pokes fun at American politicians ability to actively problem solve


4. Hank scrutinizes modern attempts at making religion interesting to youths


5. Peter acknowledges the dangers of blind faith


6.  Homer displays the coincidental power of prayer


7. American Dad shows us what is really expected of a husband


8. South Park puts America’s best foot forward


9. In this Boondocks clip Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. reflects on modern day black culture


10. Coach McGuirk experiences modern day conflict resolution techniques


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