Skinny News: The Syrian Crisis


There has been a lot of talk of what’s gonna happen next with Syria, and it’s really hard to call; the US and the UK have both clearly displayed there position on the situation.

Let me go back though-for those of you who don’t know what’s going on-there was a huge chemical attack in Damascus, Syria’s second largest city on August 21 and many hypothesize this was a deliberate attack by the Syrian government. On Thursday, the British government published a summary of its intelligence assessment on the situation and it resulted in a highly likely chance of the Syrian government being to blame.


Now… The British government¬† gathered for an emergency session of the House of Commons on Thursday; British Prime Minister David Cameron, feels intervention is necessary because, chemical weapon attacks are a crime against humanity. President Barack Obama also sees what occurred as a serious issue that needs to be addressed.

Two of the most powerful nations in the world find the actions of Syria intervention worthy, but neither can act off impulse so we all await a UN decision on this situation.

We know what the American and British governments think but what do you think? How should we have this issue? Are you afraid of the outcome of this conflict?

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