Ooops Mitch Moment: Ray J


I Hit it First

Friday, April 5th Ray J released the cover of his new single entitled “I Hit it First…  I Put You On”; with the spike of popularity in recent years of Kim Kardashian and her family after the infamous Ray J/Kim K sex tape, its no secret who this song is about.  The cover for Ray J’s upcoming single, as seen above, is blurred and pixelated much like Kanye West’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” album artwork and if you look closely you can tell its a bikini clad Kim Kardashian behind the blur.  Lyrics from a verse on the track go something like: “Hit it from north/Brought her head down south/Now that I’m finished/She’s on to Mr. West.”
Ray J is clearly having a Mitch Moment…  Although this is very much Mitch-Like; I can almost guarantee most people are eagerly waiting for Kanye to throw a Mitch Slap, Palm Punch, Windmill and/or Cat Scratch!  We all know just how Mitchie our GOOD friend Ye can get, this may get interesting…  Stay tuned!
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