NYC Buff Reunion

NYC-Buff State Reunion

Just this past weekend, I took part of a celebration of festivities in New York City, honoring the memories and fun times gained while attending school at Buffalo State College. No particular milestone at all, just the fact that time has passed; life has so much to offer and many people probably haven’t seen each other in years. This event featured incoming classes from the late 90’s through the mid 2000’s. Also, there were several social gatherings that spark anticipation of joy and rejuvenated out youthful days. The common bond spent attending Buffalo State College created a unification that we all shared last weekend. However, this wasn’t just exclusive to formers students, many people brought spouses, family members, and close friends to share the moments and make connections.

While taking a plethora of photos, exchanging many hugs and handshakes, I personally couldn’t believe that it’s been 12 years since I first stepped on that campus on for the Fall Semester of 2001. Now a few weeks away from turning 30, all I can do is reminisce about the good, the bad, and the overall experience. Time sure does fly and you don’t think about it during the moment, but once you sit down and analyze it, it all makes sense.
Many people often talk about the expenses that going to college brings. I know the feeling that it brings for sure, but I definitely have come to a realization that an education can be picked up anywhere now with the advancement of modern technology. One thing that is vastly over looked when pricing out the school you wish to attend is the priceless opportunity of networking capabilities and bonding. There was no “fraternity life” for me, but I’ve made countless friends that I truly consider as family.

I couldn’t ever imagine that I was once taking classes, sharing lunch tables, doing neighborly duties such as holding doors, and passing flyers to people in library hallways that would one day become account executives, television personalities, managers at top 500 fortune companies, assistant principals, entrepreneurs, and other job titles that no one could have predicted when we were in our late teens and early twenties. It was great to see many faces from the past and being introduced to new persons to network in the future. We’ve come a long way and it was a grand experience for us to interact once again in our post collegiate lives. Now we’ve created more trending stories to share on Facebook and other social sites.

I just want to personally shout out a few people: Celis and Ray, for taking the time out of their busy lives to create an awesome weekend. Naomi, for sharing your advice with me on the mind boggling career choice that I was intending to make. Khari, for making sure the priceless photo moments last forever. To all who attended, it’s honestly TOO many to name and recall, but my heart is with all of you.

  1. Very very well written my good man. It was a pleasure to see you again. Thanks for traveling out to the city.

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