New Breed on The Block: Goberian


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The American Kennel Club recognizes 161 different breeds of dog. Still, there are new breeds sprouting up everyday. Most of these breeds are bred in the interest of looks or temperament. These hybrid breeds are not recognized by the American¬† Kennel Club, so they usually don’t get as much exposure as dogs that do. Still, hybrid dogs are oftentimes more healthy than AKC recognized breeds, and usually live longer. While there are some risks to mixing breeds, there are even greater rewards.


Take the Goberian for instance. A cross between a Golden Retriever and a Siberian Husky, these dogs are just plain beautiful.


Siberian Huskies are most well known for their stunning blue eyes, a trait that is complemented by the amazing golden coat of the Golden retriever. But there’s a lot more to any dog breed than looks, and there are certain things anyone planning to own one should know:

1. Goberians shed a lot. This comes primarily from their Siberian Husky side. So daily brushing and frequent trips to the groomers are necessary.

2. Goberians are usually great with children. Each dog is different and has its own personality. But for the most part this is a social breed that does well with children, other pets and strangers.

3. They are active dogs. Because both Golden Retrievers and Huskies are active dogs, the goberians have inherited their energy. Remember, dogs that were at one time used for work tend to keep that level of energy. They like to run and play, and don’t want to spend each and everyday in the house. They’re a family breed, for families with many members that are willing to spend a potion of their day with the dog. Smart and energetic, they love to learn new tricks & play new games.

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