Magna Carta vs Holy Grail

Magna means Grand; Carta means Charter, thus it was imposed on da King to announce that even he had laws to obey!  Nevertheless we can’t let go off da fact that most privately owned schools need a charter to operate legitimately; the same goes for our local or international Free-Masonic lodges. In the lodge da word charter is interchangeable with da word warrant.  This grand charter was imposed on England and the countries greatest story is that of king author’s kingdom Camelot, with its famous knights of da round table!


Da holy grail shares similar instances like da round table.  You have da biblical tradition in the new testament book of Mathew Chapter 26:27-29, like da Knights of da round table it was his apostle’s who sat around da man they call Jesus; like a king telling his men to drink.  It was at that moment his Jesus words rung a note of bliss, where as the knights of England called knights of Malta & the Knights of France called Templar Knights.  These men were not simply free- mason’s; for at that time in history there was no Grand Lodge of England until the 1700’s.  These Knights fought on behalf of da church to free Jerusalem from da Islamic regime, thus it was a 199 year war by which they lost!  Hence all of da events & vessels associated with Jesus life became a relic; for example: Harrison Ford – Indaina’s Last Crusade. This was about obtaining da Holy Grail, da cup or chalice from which Jesus drank and said: from this cup is my blood, which by da way sound’s like a Mayan ritual, well he said the next time he drinks it will be new and in his father’s kingdom.  Hence it was this promise which drove kingdoms in da 11th century mad with war to have da holy grail!

Thus, it is da title of da king of America’s hip-hop mogul Jay-Z’s newest album.  This has to be hip-hop’s new year of light; plus with Kanye’s Yeezus & J Cole’s declaration (“Pac had Mobb Deep and Biggie and I get left with Tyrese and Diggy…”) this indeed is da Rap game’s year of illuminance!  Roc Nation keep it up ! This dat Upstairs talk… Signing off Da’Mage.

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