Life Is Good


It’s almost been a year and half since Sean-Toure’ released his critically acclaimed Sound Channeler, The Invisibleman album (Rosachi Music Group). The album has proven to be a musical and entertaining amalgam of soulful beats, introspective lyrics, and an honesty that seems to be missing in the Hip Hop soundscape.

Sean’s SCTIM album continues to pick up momentum and it’s about to do it again as Rosachi Music Group releases the Baltimore, Maryland Producer/Emcee’s latest A -Side single, “Life is Good” feat. Dionne Wilkins and B-Side single “Good Music” ft. Soulstice and Haysoos of Wade Waters.

The A-Side single “Life is Good’ is an exhilarating feel good song with an infectious melody, upbeat tempo, with witty and charismatic lyrics. The song talks about some of the pressures of trying to maintain a job, deal the challenges of life, while struggling to make it in the music industry.

Vocalist Dionne Wilkins sings a melodic and sultry chorus on the song, with Sean providing his signature energetic vocals.

Sean changes the pace up with the B-Side single “Good Music” ft. Soulstice and Haysoos of the group Wade Waters. Good music is a traditional boom bap track with Sean playing dark piano chords over gritty drums from his MPC2000.

As a message to rappers promoting violence Sean say’s, “You’re lacking in love/You wannabe thugs/ you wanna bust slugs/You Rappers just in need of a group Hug.” Sean also provides his fans with instrumentals for both songs on this release.

You can buy “Life is Good” ft. Dionne Wilkins and “Good Music” ft. Soulstice and Haysoos of Wade Waters on Tuesday, April 23rd on Itunes and all digital music outlets.

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