Lov Madiba
Lov Madiba

Amidst a newly formed label partnership with Sony Music; King Charles releases “Lov Madiba” a tribute to the late Nelson Mandela featuring Katie Melua and vocalist Shingai Shoniwa of the Noisettes.  King Charles although born in West London; has strong ties with South Africa as his parents are of South African descent and has a deep appreciation for the contributions of Mandela.  King Charles states: “Nelson Mandela has always been very close to my heart because my father was born and bred in the South African farmland, was at school during Mandela’s trial and became very active at University of the Witwatersrand as president of the student union in staunch opposition to the ruling apartheid regime.”

King Charles actually penned “Lov Mandiba” last year as a birthday tribute to Mandela along with Shingai Shonowai who he met on the London music scene.  Studio time was donated by Ally Horn of Sarm Studios.

The release of “Lov Madiba” is the first release from the newly formed label The Cherry Party under the Sony Music imprint; but surely not its last.   All net proceeds of this recording will benefit the Nelson Mandela’s Children Fund, a South African-based charitable organization founded by the great leader; listen below.

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