Damn Nature You Scary! : Coconut Crab

So you’re walking down the street drinking a frappe from Mc’donalds. You finish it, and see a garbage can further down the road. Once you get closer you see this:


What do you do?

Me personally, I freak the hell out! I mean LOOK. AT. THAT. THING! It will eat your face in front of your children! It’s freaking crazy! I have a heart attack just staring at it.


Okay…maybe I’m making too much of a big deal out of it. I’m sure when you saw it, you didn’t freak out. Maybe pincers the size of your head doesn’t even faze you. Or maybe that’s just a comically sized trashcan, in some sort of realistic fish tank or something right?




You’re crazy. Either way, i haven’t even told you what it is yet. This is the Coconut Crab, the largest land-living arthropod in the world, and the only living Pokemon in the world!

1200x1400px-LL-56c5d89b_image 220px-Coconut_Crab_Birgus_latro

Despite what i said earlier, coconut crabs don’t eat people. infact people eat them. Coconut crabs only eat coconuts, fruits, and seeds…and small rodents…and other crabs…and corpses.

Actually, despite what I said earlier, it’s theorized that coconut crabs are the  reason Amelia Earhart’s body was never recovered. They probably ate the corpse and took the skeleton back to their burrows. Just something to think about as I show you some more of these pictures!


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