Zab Judah is back!!!

Zab Judah celebrates after his victory over Vernon Paris.

Last night in Brooklyn, NY native boxer Zab “Super” Judah put on a dazzling performance against undefeated challenger Vernon Paris who now falls to 26-1. I got the chance to meet up with Zab when he first opened up training camp last month in February. He looked in great shape already back then and put himself through a tough training camp for 7 weeks preparing for this fight. I got the feeling when speaking with Zab that he was at peace with everything in life and is just ready to get back on top of the sport. As he stated “People say oh Zab’s old, he’s washed up, he needs to hang it up. Oh Zab’s fighting again? Not him again. But you know yeah, I’ve been here for a long time but I turned pro when I was 18 its called longevity.” Zab is only 34 years of age right now, and still looks fresher than ever. Last night when he entered the ring he had that focused, determined look in his eye and I knew it was going to be one of those classic Zab Judah performances, and it was. The first round began and he waisted no time landing his signature straight left that has put many guys on their back in the past, Paris wobbled against the ropes and Zab unleashed combinations leading us to believe the fight would possibly end in the first round. Paris was able to survive the round and to his credit took a merciless beating from Zab throughout the whole fight. Judah had many moments throughout the fight landing bombs on Paris and showing that he still has the fastest hands in the sport of boxing stringing together 5 and 6 punch combinations miing together uppercuts, hooks, straights, body punches everything you want to see in a boxer. In the 9th round Zab finally decided it was time to put things to an end, another straight left landed to the chin of Paris that made him fall into the ropes, Zab unleashed a furious combination of power punches, after about 10 un answered punches the referee called a halt to the action awarding Zab with the 9th round TKO victory. With the win, Zab Judah is now the IBF #1 contender and will face the winner of the Amir Khan vs Lamont Peterson rematch. Zab stated he will be present for this fight May 19th at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, NV. I look forward to seeing him get his title shot against the winner later on this summer, or in the fall.

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