The SkinNYC interviews undefeated boxer Eloy Perez before his first world title fight!

On February 25th undefeated super featherweight Eloy “Prince” Perez will get his first shot at a world title when he takes on Adrien Broner for the WBO super featherweight championship. I was able to get the chance to sit down with Eloy yesterday as he took a break from his training camp to talk to us about his upcoming fight.

ITR: Hi Eloy, How are you?

Eloy: I’m doing well you know, just been training getting ready for February 25th

ITR: Where are you holding this training camp and how deep into training are

Eloy: The camp is about 2 months and I’ve been training for a month now, been holding it in Oakland I’ve been sparring with Michael Dallas he’s really helped me with my last two fights, he’s always great work and he’s a great fighter himself he keeps me sharp, here in Oakland at the Kings gym or over at his coach Virgil’s gym, Virgil is Andre Ward’s coach too.

ITR: Speaking of sparring you were a sparring partner for Shane Mosley recently, how was that experience?

Eloy: Right, well you know he’s been a good help, good person to listen to and get tips from it has been a great experience.

ITR: Any other world champions you’ve sparred with?

Eloy: Yeah I’ve had some sparring with Robert Guerrero, Brandon Rios, It’s always great with those guys, and Brandon is tough he just keeps coming.

ITR: As an up and coming fighter how has that helped you out, mentally has it taken you to another level?

Eloy: I mean it makes me grow, keeps me sharp, they are gonna knock me around so I try and stay on my game and try to not get hit, it keeps me sharp you know, they’ve become world champions and I can hang with them so it makes me feel good to know that I can compete with those guys. Plus their bigger but any sparring, any guy is always good work and I appreciate the chance to be able to work with those them.

ITR: February 25th the big fight vs. Adrien Broner, are you doing anything different in camp?

Eloy: I’m just going harder you know, I’m hungry a lot of fighters dream about this opportunity, a lot of fighters come out strong 12-0, 15-0 and for some reason some of them don’t make it they get side tracked or they get a loss and then they’re never the same. So I’m just blessed, I’m happy for the opportunity I’m going to give it my all and Adrien Broner doesn’t know what’s coming.

ITR: I’ve seen your fights on TV, watched some clips on YouTube, you are an extremely athletic fighter and after doing some research I see you have been active in pretty much all sports, do you still complete in these other sports?

Eloy: well you know growing up and In high school yeah I wrestled, played football, played soccer, baseball I love competition I love to compete.

ITR: So let’s go to February 26th, you are the new world champion you just defeated Adrien Broner, who would you like to fight next?

Eloy: I like to fight the best, Gamboa, Juan Manuel Lopez and even here at 130 Juan Carlos Delgado, you know give a shot at it I know I can’t make 130 my whole life I just want to fight the best and I want to compete and find out who is the best.

ITR: Do you plan on moving up soon?

Eloy: No I can make the weight pretty easy right now, but if I’m blessed with the win then maybe we can unify, take a couple cracks at the champs at 130 and then yeah move up to 135.

ITR: Do you have a specific game plan going into this fight?

Eloy: I’m going to take whatever he gives me, if he wants to wait and box I’m gonna have to go after him, I mean he is the champ I’m gonna have to take it from him. This is one opportunity I got to give it my best, no looking back or saying what if.

ITR: How do you feel about the current state of boxing is?

Eloy: I don’t know why everyone is fighting all about money, I mean money comes, fame comes but all of that is just a blessing that’s really what it is, A blessing but were in this to compete see who can do it, we all need to fight each other the best, the champs, give the top contenders an opportunity, all of us just compete that will definitely help the sport.

ITR: Any last comments for the fans

Eloy: Rochester, Rainier Washington , Salinas California, were going to do it, just believe and have faith.

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