So Real – Like Thunder

So Real is an independent hip hop artist out of Charlotte, NC. Recently, a friend of mine’s (Vonetta – Thank you) brought his music to my attention. I checked out his catalog and instantly caught on to the flow of his lead single “Like Thunder”. Definitely a strip club anthem, but none the less don’t get his sound mistaken as a Lil’ Boosie knock off, literally So Real has only been rapping for 2 years and is currently working on his third mixtape in the last year and a half. So far blessings have been coming abundantly for him. He’s been performing at various local shows in the Queen City area. His first two mixtapes “The Real” & “4G – Girls, Girls, Girls, & Girls” have provided a steady fan base for him and definitely have him on the rise.

Feel free to check out his music on


So Real



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