Not a Businessman – a Business, Man: Jay-Z Newest Business Investment

This has been a great week for Hip-Hop legend/mogul Jay-Z.  Jay not only received a bundle of joy, Blue Ivy Carter, but he has logged on as an investment partner with Duracell & PowerMat Technologies.  The Duracell PowerMat is an innovative device which you can place electronics on it and it charges them without having a million power cords to plug into an electrical outlet.

“We are proud to work with such an inspiring icon, whose music and success speaks to an entire generation all over the world. Our common vision and voice will pave the way for the upcoming wireless power revolution,” said Ron Rabinowitz, CEO of Duracell Powermat, LLC.

Wow who would have ever though that Jay-Z would be an investor of such a product, but then again he did say: “I’m not a businessman; i’m a business, man!”

Duracell PowerMat also has a partnership with New York’s Madison Square Garden. Fans attending events this summer or during next sports season will be able to take advantage of this new technology by placing their phones on wireless mats at various locations in the arena.  And according to RocNation’s website : “Duracell Powermat will be exhibiting its new line of wireless charging products and sharing information about how Duracell Powermat will be driving the wireless power revolution for consumers at the Consumer Electronics Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall, Upper Level, Booth #36512.”

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