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F U Haters

Now a days with every artist seeking a way to create a lane in a music industry the quote “this is more than music, it’s a movement” is commonly stated and the cliché is all the same. You really don’t pay attention to it until you see it in action. Case in point to look at, “More Than Music”, a musical trio hailing from Buffalo, NY consisting of 1 singer & 2 rappers. Living in Buffalo, where it once was premier city in the US in the early 1900’s and 100 years later it has declined so heavily. Many negatives have came about and over the past 3 years this group has been doing its best to change the landscape of that.

More Than Music does great job in their part to reaching out to the community, without even getting paid from any music label. This unsigned act does its charitable work by performing and hosting parties to raise money for families who lost a loved one unexpectedly due to violence. One of the members owns a bar, it makes it easier for the group to develop a last minute game plan to help out with funeral expenses to those in need. With strong showings and support at each and every event they’ve host the group is looking to become more of a community staple throughout the whole Western New York area.

The group has been creating music with a positive influence and inspirational. Their versatile style brings forth an audience of both male and female. Respectively P Prop and Money Mitch provide the truthful, hardcore lyrics that dudes listen for in rap and Mitch J balances out the group with his smooth sounds that the ladies love to hear. This eventually led to their first opening performance to a major act when the Ying Yang Twins came into town. They have also increased their radio spins both locally and online with their latest lead single “F U Haters”. Check out the link to More Than Music’s record “F U Haters” and also look out for their album in spring 2012.

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