Diablo: The RPG That Lasts

 Hows this for a boss???


Second on my list of must have RPG’s is the Diablo series. Developer Blizzard struck gold in 2000 with the release of Diablo 2. It’s technically a dungeon crawler but it has a huge focus on loot. So much so that equipping characters with equipment easily accounts for the majority of the game. And with the expansion released in 2001, the amount of available combinations of equipment easily breaks one TRILLION. Now I know what you’re thinking. 2001? Who wants a game from over a decade ago? I know it was a long time ago, but Diablo is a game that has innovations some games lack even today. For instance, the game can be played entirely with the left mouse button only. It might not be the most practical method, but it is doable. Five different bosses, each crazier than the rest. When the boss that the game is named after is only the fourth you know the fifth is gonna be crazy, and it is! Characterization is crazy too. Aside from the huge amount of equipment slots, players can customize their characters with skills. Each of the seven classes has three different skill trees with ten different skills! Best of all, you are never locked down to one tree, so players have a choice. They can make a character focused on one tree or a versatile character focused on multiple trees.


The Assassin and the Druid, characters added in the expansion

A sequel so epic only Blizzard can handle it.

 Really, if you haven’t played or heard of Diablo or Diablo 2 you have to have been living under a rock for the past ten years. Diablo has sold successfully over the past ten years, being the 19th most successful PC game in 2007! Now, over a decade after its release, Diablo is getting a sequel in Diablo 3. But I don’t thing Diablo 3’s presence will shake the 11 million daily Diablo 2 player fanbase.

Get on board with the revolution.

Exclusive opening cinematic for diablo 3 below.


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