Bentley’s Geneva SUV concept

The concept uses ‘key Bentley styling cues’ such as the matrix grille and round headlamps, albeit on a completely new bodystyle. Dirk van Braeckel, director of design at Bentley, said: ‘The style had to reflect Bentley’s sporting character despite its radically different package and purpose together with sculptured, flowing surfaces in keeping with the Bentley tradition.  Design sketches show how the EXP 9F concept turned into a reality. Bentley says that the concept will be refined following feedback at Geneva and that it will be ‘listening carefully to the reaction of customers and potential customers throughout the world, prior to making any definitive commitment to production.


A central touchscreen in the front of the car is used to control entertainment and heating functions, as well as the 3D satnav. The Bentley EXP 9F features three driving modes: Comfort, Sport and Off-Road. The car even features a ‘sump cam’ video camera to assist with off-road excursions.

Wood, leather and polished metals are used to create a feeling of ‘British luxury’, but Bentley has also taken into consideration that if the vehicle is used off-road then the interior must be able to stand up to muddy boots. For such occasions, the ‘luxurious silk wool’ floormats can be turned over, where they are instead finished in ‘ribbed saddle leather’. Those in the back seats can choose ‘business’ mode, in which there’s a fold-down keyboard and full online access via an iPad or tablet device, or alternatively they can recline the seat, make use of the drinks table (champagne and glasses are also stored in a compartment under the centre armrest) and watch a film on one of the in-car screens.  This SUV is fully loaded.


Check the video:



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