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The Skinny is back!The average New Yorker is busy, but needs to know what’s going on – in a New York minute.  The Skinny NYC caters to those living and breathing an on-the-go lifestyle; from fashion & beauty – to: mommy matters, food, culture & travel.  We provide the skinny, the inside information +  au courant news, reviews, previews, tips and more – from one busy bee to another.

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Kenya Thomas formerly of ABC 7 Official Heat has returned with a new-revamped the skinNYC.  If you remember the previous season our Kenya Thomas gave us some great interviews: Angela Bassett, Day26, Emily King, Maino, Shawty Lo and V.A.D.O. to name a few,as well as reporting direct from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week for Zegna, Domenico Vacca, Georges Chakra and Farah Angsana.  This season we will be giving you even more of the who, what, why, when and where on everything NYC from Fashion, Music, Tourism and more…  Stay tuned!

  1. Welcome back Skinny, I loved your last season, as well as all of your interviews, especially the one with my future wife. Looking forward to spending time with you
    and enjoying your show Ms Kenya ( skinni ) Thomas much love to you, Uncle O..

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