Are politics a career or a civil responsibility?  In today’s society holding a political office is as typical a career as law or medicine.  Although the intentions of having political office is one intended to be held to the caliber of any social service career; one may view politics as a career to be retired from.  At one point the purpose was for the common man to step into government to keep a fresh spin on the decisions made for society.  Clearly this intention is not being honored; the government has become a platform devised to keep power between those who primarily wield it much like medieval times.

Not only does the idea of a career Politician contradict the principles of “power to the people,” but it also makes the blatant disregard for the well-being of America as a whole that much more evident.  Not every politician (or career politician) has unethical intentions; the problems arise when a senator of 25 years attempts to be current.  He or she will bash their counterpart; lets say a congressperson of 8 years, because he’s essentially so current that he’s uneducated.

America can not complain about career politicians when they’re the reason these people receive the opportunity.  If someone has lasted past their influential expiration date then they are no longer fresh enough to give the common perspective.  It all starts with one vote, and persistence becomes true influence.  Take control of your own destiny and stop electing career politicians.

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