[WOW Report]: Death Row Records Music Exec John Atterberry Killed

John Atterberry (2nd left) with Gavin Rossdale (3rd left), Gwen Stefani (center) and Puff Daddy (second right)

One of the most influential men in West Coast Hip-Hop, John Atterberry died Friday Dec, 9 due to the reckless behavior of an irate 26-year old Tyler Brehm. Brehm fired a .40 caliber handgun throughout the air and at near by cars as he plead for the end of his life. Brehm fired at random motorists; injuring three, as well as, ending the life of Atterberry with shots to the 40-year old executives face and upper body. His reckless firing persisted until two police officers coincidentally passed through the areas: an off-duty motorcycle officer and an LAPD detective- he pointed his gun at the officers after being told to stop and drop his weapon, he was then shot killed.[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6xk_rOFnbY[/youtube]

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