Breaking Amish’s Kate Stoltz to Be Presented with The Demiuge Award

The Demiurge Awards is recognizes Kate Stoltz of TLC's hit reality show: Breaking Amish.  (Copyright - Photographer: Jade Young | Makeup: Chris Lanston)
The Demiurge Awards is recognizes Kate Stoltz of TLC’s hit reality show: Breaking Amish. (Copyright – Photographer: Jade Young | Makeup: Chris Lanston)


New York, Oct. 24, 2014 – Join The Skinny NYC, TDR Television, What The Doost and Cooperatize for The Demiurge Awards. The word Demiurge, pronounced: [dem•ee•urj], originates from the latinized Greek word “demiourgos” meaning craftsman or artisan. Gradually the word evolved to indicate “one that is an autonomous creative force or decisive power “; a creator. The Demiurge Awards pays special attention to the sea of skillfully adapted new comers; who create, produce and bring business to NYC through innovation.

Teaming up with TDR Television, blogging sensation What the Doost and the powerful new tech start-up Cooperatize; The Skinny NYC will award fellow creators through a semi-annual awards reception. These creators live in New York City and are cultivating budding businesses in which exemplify inventive thinking in Media, Visual & Performing Arts, Fashion, Technology and/or Humanitarian & Philanthropic efforts.

The Demiurge Awards is recognizing Kate Stoltz of TLC’s hit reality show: Breaking Amish this Tuesday, October 28th.  Kate has quickly shifted from demure to demiurgic. Relocating from a small town in Pennsylvania to live her dream in the Big City. Kate has made her reality TV stardom more than worth it by adding to her catalog a thriving modeling career, currently a member of the model management powerhouse Major Models and most recently unzipping her artistry in Fashion Design.

Kate’s designs, simply titled: Designed by Kate Stoltz New York, illuminates her grasp and passion of the New York City culture. Every piece that Kate designs is originally designed and hand sewn with love.

“Made my first dress at age 8, and discovered my passion. Now living in the modern world, and modeling for big brands, I find myself inspired daily by new colors, textures and fabrics,” says Kate. “I personally design and hand make every unique, one-of-a-kind item you see here in my NYC apartment, with a little help from my puppy Victoria of course.”

Kate has taken a skill entrusted to her at the age of 8 and spawned it into something which is beautiful and lucrative, all while loving it.

She creates, produces and brings business to NYC through innovation; this makes Kate Stoltz a true Demiurge.



The Skinny NYC is an online Entertainment show and not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organized institution providing training programs to disadvantaged youth in NYC pursuing careers in media/film/television.

Initially began in 2008 as a 5-minute interview segment via, entertainment show, Official Heat. Official Heat was broadcast on ABC 7 – WKBW internationally in Canada, as well as, upstate New York and northern Pennsylvania until it going off air in 2010. During its stint as a 5-minute segment, The Skinny NYC became popular via you tube and its blog site. In 2011 The Skinny NYC rebirthed as a 30-minute independent news source.

As an all-encompassing media source the Skinny NYC is providing New Yorkers with au courant news in local, world, entertainment, fashion, music, lifestyle, tech and health & beauty platforms. Quickly becoming the go to destination for everything New York City; The Skinny NYC is broadcast via cable television in all 5 boros, as well as, worldwide via the web and its social networks. In addition to original video content, the aim of The Skinny NYC is to become a dedicated media site and provide news across all platforms; fast, organic and undressed.



A leader in television production; TDR Television is led by Tia D. Rudd. With much success from having produced television shows like Jerry Springer and Inside Edition, Tia D Rudd continues to blaze the industry most recently producing Hard Core Pawn season 9. Tia brings to the Demiurge Awards experience and passion for being a creative and turning it into a business.

• Tru TVHardcore Pawn     •A&E The Unproduceables     • CBS Inside Edition

• NBC Universal Jerry Springer • SHOWTIME Jamie Foxx’s Lafapalooza

• WNET/Thirteen     • NBC Biggest Loser     • VH1 Beauty & The Beast

• VH1 Surreal Life     • Paramount Pictures Dr. Phil

• Paramount Pictures Girlfriends



Doost is not only Gina Doost’s last name, the word “doost” also means “friend,” “to like,” and “to be in love” in Farsi and Afghan.  You are our doost. Get it?!

WTD is a blog comprised of human-interest interviews, inspirational and informative articles about people, food, travel, fashion, and positive advice.

Gina has been in the entertainment industry since she was 14 years old when she was the host of an international music show where she interviewed celebrities, musicians, and actors. She loved the field so much that she graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Journalism from the accredited California State University of Northridge. During her studies, she continued her experience in print, broadcast, and news for a local TV and radio station. After graduating, she moved to New York City and worked in the CBS news division and in 2012 began writing freelance within the social, fashion, and hospitality industries.



We connect brands and bloggers to create engaging branded content. Brands can easily manage their media buys for sponsored content on various media outlets. Publishers write custom stories in their voice about your brand; stories that will resonate with their and now your audience.


Confirmed Guests:

Richard Lowe

Tracy Balan

Alisa Maria

Tangina Stone







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Instagram: @DemiurgeAwards



For further information and/or to RSVP to the Demiurge Awards please

Kenya Thomas 718.419.1466


(Copyright – Photographer: Jade Young | Makeup: Chris Lanston)

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