Yes! An Aaliyah For MAC Collection Is A Thing

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Music Goddess Aaliyah passed away 16 years ago yet her iconic style & beauty lives on

In 2015 Aaliyah’s biggest fans petitioned in hopes of an Aaliyah For Mac collection.  The MAC collaboration would be an Aaliyah inspired makeup collection.  With a cult-like following, this collection would be an honor to Aaliyah and give fans a chance to step in the shoes of a true style & beauty icon.  The petition started by Aaliyah For MAC via received over 26, 000 signatures.  MAC confirmed their plan to give fans what they wanted a day before the anniversary of her tragic death.  Fans such as myself were filled with tears of joy and excitement.  The Aaliyah for MAC collection is slated for 2018.

Fans are thirsting for pencil liners, lip sticks, lip glosses and eye shadows in Aaliyah burgandies and beiges!  I guess we’ll have to clutch our pearls and wait until the collection is released next summer of 2018.  I mean we all want that #BlackGirlMagic, right?
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