Coffee Fest NYC 2016: Coffee & Tea Pairing

CFNYC 2016

Coffee Fest NYC 2016: Coffee & Tea Pairing

If you live in NYC you should realize by now that coffee is a culture of some sort.  There are Coffee & Tea shops on just about every corner and people are serious about their Joe!  So it should come as NO shock that coffee & tea has its own convention, Coffee Fest NYC. The Skinny NYC hit coffee fest and came up with some sweet pairings.  Yes, that’s right…  Coffee, Tea, Latte’s, etc… and delicious desserts that just work together.

  1. Chai Tea & Pirouline Cookies

The Chai Company makes a pretty delicious Chai Tea.  Not overly tea tasting, just smooth and delicious.  The Spicy Oolong in fact pairs perfectly with the taste of rolled wafer Pirouline Cookies.  You just never go wrong with sugar and spice.

2. Matcha & Macaroons

Standing out amongst the hundreds of coffees, teas and pick me up drinks at coffee fest is a must.  Gosh That’s Good did just that, not only is the taste of the matcha one to remember.  But the 60’s inspired advertisement and spokesmodel was outstanding.  The Matcha goes great with Macaroons.  And what do you know, Macaroons were in tow at 2016 coffee fest from Macaron Cafe. From Red Velvet to Raspberry each a deliciously crafted delight.

3. Frozen Hot Chocolate & Chocolate Covered Cherries

Frozen Hot Chocolate?  Who’d of ever thunk!?  Ghirardelli did and made it in both Vanilla and Chocolate.  This deliciousness should have a cherry on top.  Coffee Fest had everything this year, including The Cordial Cherry.  The Cordial Cherry are handcrafted and designed chocolate covered cherries.  So were pairing Ghirardelli Frozen Hot Chocolate with Chocolate covered Cherries from The Cordial Cherry.  Its a match made in chocolate heaven.

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