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Home ownership is one of the many dreams people wish to obtain one day. Let’s face it, a lot people grow up with the theory that they can one day have a family and the big house with a fence around it. Some people are more blessed than others and are able to have owned a few houses in their lifetime. You also have people that would rather not deal with the responsibilities of upkeeping a house. Then you also have other people that work hard every day and may not ever think that home ownership is in their immediate future. Many things can come about that makes the vision cloudy such as raised taxes, unexpected debt, job layoffs, and other unfortunate matters.

Well there is a light at the end of the tunnel. A good friend of mine is helping people by putting out content to provide people with insight on how they can reach their real estate dreams. Nasar a.k.a. the “Realestate Doru” recently took to YouTube to show you have how real it is. Flipping houses isn’t as easy as it looks but Nasar does give you the realities of it.

Here’s a 2 part video of him flipping a house of in Charlotte, NC with before and after shots of the home.

“Is that a pool part 1”

YouTube Preview Image


 “Is that a pool part 2”

YouTube Preview Image


I hope you all were educated by these videos, I’ve actually learned something from them myself.

Check out Nasar’s blog at

 Here’s few pics the rehab of this house. The before and after shots show you how they transformed this house into a home. Job well done by the REALESTATE DORU!

bedroom1 foyer1 ceiling collapsed

bathroom main bathroom1 hallway1

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