Would You Chase Booty for 25k?

Would You Chase Booty for 25k?

Get your minds out of the gutter, no this isn’t your chance to snag Kim Kardashian.  But if you’re answer is yes, thank Electronic Game Solutions for the opportunity to play bingo electronically and win cash.  EGS designed the game called Booty Chaser Linked Bingo.  “Booty,” a term often used by pirates to refer to their spoils of looting and/or treasure is used in reference to the money and prizes in which a player can win through the bingo game.  Designed to play like a real bingo game, linking hundreds of players in 22 locations, for a $3.00 bet players receive nine cards and seven chances to win up to $25,000 and is already generating prizes for players and profits for Minnesota charities.

Booty Chaser and Handset Graphic

EGS currently has over 16,000 globally-distributed handsets and has been in the bingo electronics industry for 12 years.   While new locations are signing up daily; the more locations who join the link, the bigger the prizes will become and the faster the progressive jackpot, currently set at $25,000, will be awarded.

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