About Last Night: #370Qs, L’Wrenn Scott and #TheMazeRunner 3/17/14

Soooooooo about last night…

Malaysia Airlines Airplane
Malaysia Airlines Airplane

While those who aren’t overly engaged in social media trends went to bed; the internet was abuzz.   Allow The Skinny NYC to bring you up to speed on what you missed the night before.  #370Qs was in full-throttle with tweets to CNN’s Don Lemons #370Qs.  Many of the questions under the #370Qs were questions and comments that have crossed our minds since first learning of the disappearance of the Malaysia airlines plane a week ago.  The questions and comments ranged from possible government corruption and politics to conspiracy theories of 20 free scale semiconductor employees having been aboard the mysterious-bermuda triangle like disappearance of the aircraft.  You can view some of #370Qs below; while no one quite knows what happened nor the whereabouts of this aircraft, The Skinny NYC wants to know your thoughts on this mystic and unfortunate situation… Share your thoughts with the Skinny NYC.




Another tragedy trending from mid day into the night is the news of the death of fashion model/fashion designer L’Wrenn Scott.  Scott currently the love interest of the Rolling Stones lead man – Mick Jagger, recently cancelled the unveiling of her 2014 fashion collection for London Fashion Week in February.  It is rumored, but not confirmed that the 49-year-old may have committed suicide in light of financial issues and embarrassment thereof.  No forced entry, no suicide note and no foul play according to CNN.  It is being reported that Scott’s assistant received a text from Scott early Monday morning saying Come By and when the assistant arrived she found the fashion model turned fashion designer on conscious and called the police; this is a developing story.

The Maze Runner: Dylan O'Brien
The Maze Runner: Dylan O’Brien

With all of the bad fortune being exchanged via social media, just before 12am #TheMazeRunner began to trend.  Teenagers with raging hormones everywhere in the world especially New York were excited over the trailer for The Maze Runner in which 20th Century Fox released.  The film is adapted from the dystopian society book by James Dashner and stars: Dylan O’Brien, Kaya Scodelario, Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Aml Ameen.  Dylan O’Brien who plays Thomas in the movie awakes trapped in a maze with other boys; he sets out on a quest to regain his memory and get out of the maze craze.  Looks like the Hunger Games 5.0; you can view the trailer below and see what last night’s buzz was about.


  1. You can probably find the 777 plane in one of the terrorist’s friendly countries, and there are a few of them way out east. I hope that it can be found before it is loaded with explosive and headed to the new trade centre. I hope that I am wrong but if I am right, a plane full of passengers couldn’t do any damage to the new building, but a plane full of explosives can.
    Another idea would be to look for abandoned airfield from the second world war, terrorists had many years to repair them and camouflage them, there was no gain in this instance for terrorists to take over a plane and destroy it.( JUST ONE MORE THOUGHT ) – joesever@mymts.net

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