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There comes a time when all good things will go against the grain and shed to light. In this presentation, you will see what I’m talking about. New Jersey’s own Sharaya J has danced her way to the top and now her music is giving you the tune to tap too. She’s created her own lane in the music industry (similar to her mentor) with her “B.A.N.J.I. Movement” and her momentum is flowing. My friend Kisha provided me with a sample of her work and blessed me with this quote based on Sharaya J “The “Banji Movement,” which encourages the masses to embrace Uniqueness and Originality, thus birthing the acronym Be Authentic Never Jeopardize Individuality (BANJI). Considering her background and love for dance, Sharaya says, “I just wanna make fun music! Dance is my root, so my goal is to get the people dancin’ again!!!”

I was amazed by the video and felt honored to share. The unique about it is that at a time when music is searching for it’s own identity to free itself from the common trend, Sharaya J looks like she can be that shinning light. Take notice to the song, you’ll see the why I mentioned that she reminds me of her mentor Missy Elliot, who in the mid 90’s created a tremendous buzz. So with all do respect I believe Missy has a keeper that she molded.

Sharaya J – BANJI
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