Freedom of Mind: Finis

Although about 100 to 1000 years ago these progressive idea were presented, and began flourishing somehow we have yet to progress pass them as a society, specific groups like the Teaparty who still have very regressive beliefs on freedom. For example here is an article from it covers a few different issues but here is a stance on bill against the “gay ‘conversion’ treatment “…opposed by Republican lawmakers as an intrusion by the state into a family decision. And the conservative Pacific Justice Institute vowed to file a lawsuit alleging that the measure violates constitutional protections such as therapists’ free-speech rights and patients’ rights to privately pursue medical help”; this article is an example of the regressive nature of our society, mostly because we fail to actually guide our decisions by our minds and more with our emotions.

The whole idea of freedom is fundamentally misunderstood by our society today, we fail to understand the importance of individual mind and self-reliance the one true freedom is that within; conformity is an illness one that plagues us all but to break the spell we have to venture past these nature fears. To be mentally independent of the scrutiny of others is what drives us as people, and inside us is where we find the strength and the freedom to do it. The pen is mightier than the sword, and the mind mightier than the pen so why do we choose to be lead any but our minds? Well it’s easier, over the years we have lost the point of having an independent mind, so we have loss the use of it; I stand up to speak in the name of freedom, in the name of righteousness and in the face of oppression to challenge all to recognize that the true essence of freedom is within and needs to be harnessed and expressed. Never allowing relative forces control something impossible to control, and find the strength inside to be free.


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