Damn Nature you Scary! Wrinkle-Faced Bat

What’s the scariest type of bat there is, just off the top of your head? Vampire bat right? no. you’re wrong. Look at this sucker:


That’s a wrinkle-faced bat, and god is he ugly!

Fourtunatly, he doesn’t suck blood, so if you ever wake up with bite marks on your neck, you can a least take solace in the fact that the thing that bit yo wasn’t quite this ugly! These things actually eat fruit, even though they’re not classified as fruit bats. Scientists say that the weird shape of their face/head probably helps them eat a wider range of food than other bats can handle.

220px-Centurio_senexIt’s also speculated that the bats face allows it to bite a lot harder than other bats, but why would a creature that eats fruit need to bite down so hard? Nobody really knows, in fact they don’t even know what kind of fruit this bat eats. I guess the thing is just so ugly that there isn’t a man alive willing to actually study it too much further than this.

imawgegesAnother freaky thing about these bats? They have a flap of skin on their face that they can use to cover it up. Why? Once again, who knows? Actually the flap could be used to in some way amplify their sonar, but how it would do that is a mystery to us all.


I don’t know about you, but of all the animals I’ve done so far, I think this one is the ugliest!


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