Thanks for that Good Wood

[two_thirds]A few days ago I was in desperate search of an Africa t-shirt (I watched a couple Spike Lee films and felt inspired). But like always the prices of these shirts were not cooperating with the money in my bank account.  So my next goal was to buy a nice beaded Africa necklace. The spring time is coming up and this year I’m going for this earthy look; I figured it would be nice to add another element to it with the Africa piece. I came across this brand called Good Wood NYC. They specialize in engraved wooden accessories. I decided to get the Africa necklace  from the Good Wood x Chace Infinite collection  off amazon since the company was no longer offering it on the website. I just received the necklace in the mail yesterday and I’m love with it. I will definitely be ordering more stuff by Good Wood NYC! [/two_thirds]



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