Q&A with Heavyweight Seth Mitchell!

Felix: Hi Seth how are you doing?

Seth: Doing good, feeling good.

Felix: Congrats on your big win against Witherspoon a few weeks ago, have you already begun working on your next fight?

Seth: I was back at the gym today yeah, just a light workout, I’ll be back in the gum fully come Monday. I plan to fight sometime in July.

Felix: Do you already have an opponent in mind, maybe another American heavyweight like Hasim Rahman, Eddie Chambers, Chris Arreola, anyone in the top ten or just whoever lands in front of you?

Seth: I don’t call out names whoever they put me in front of I’ll be ready. I let my team do the work, we do everything in a consensus, they throw us a couple of names then we’ll pick and choose through the names that they gave us and that process will happen within the next week or two.

Felix: How long down the line do you think it’ll be before you can get in there with a Klitschko brother or any other heavyweight champion?

Seth: Everybody throws the Klitschko names out there and I definitely see that happening if I continue to grow and don’t have any setbacks probably around this time next year. I’m about three or four fights away, people are of course getting excited and want me to fight them if I’m successful after my next fight but that’s not going to happen. When I get my opportunity I want to be well prepared and I think I’ll be ready in about a year or three to four fights away.

Felix: The last fight with you and Chazz Witherspoon was very exciting, you showed tremendous heart but in that first round you had to shake off some cobwebs, was that the first time you fought someone with that kind of power?

Seth: I wouldn’t necessarily say he was the hardest hitter but I mean I got caught flush a few times in the last minute and thirty seconds in the first round but anytime you face somebody that’s 230 pounds and they catch you clean, that’s what happen. I’m just thankful that I was able to weather the storm but I’ve been in there with punchers who by their record punch harder, but Chazz he was strong, kudos to him he was able to dictate the first round but I was able to make the adjustments and it worked out.

Felix: How many other times do you plan on fighting in 2012 about two or three more fights?

Seth: Exactly about two or three, definitely two fights hopefully I can squeeze the third one in but we’ll see how it goes. No injuries and no losses I definitely plan to fight at least two more times this year.

Felix: Do you know if Golden Boy plans on putting you on a big undercard to a PPV fight later on possibly?

Seth: Hopefully, I got a good team around me, my management, my advisors and golden boy so hopefully I can land on those big cards and continue to give those fans excitement.

Felix: Now I do have to ask, what prompted the change from football to boxing?

Seth: I saw a former football player that I played against have success, it sparked my interest and my competitive juices started flowing again and thought if he can be successful then why can’t I and the rest is history.

Felix: Any last thoughts?

Seth: Thanks for all your love and support I definitely feel it I just ask that they continue to pray for me and follow me on Twitter @SethMayhem48

Seth Mitchell (25-0, 19 KOs) is an undefeated heavyweight prospect, he is coming off of a spectacular TKO victory over Chazz Witherspoon on April 28th on the undercard of Hopkins vs Dawson 2. As soon as the big announcement of the next fight hits press, everyone here at ITR and The SkinNYC will be the first to hear about it!

  1. Badass video! Carwin is without a doubt the stgonrest and most powerful puncher on the planet. He was like a wounded bear after the first round against Dos Santos. Carwin stunned Dos Santos with a left and didnt have much behind it so i would imagine if one of those rights landed Dos Santos woulda went into a coma. Dos Santos will soon be the world champ and i look forward to a JDS Carwin rematch.VA:F [1.9.8_1114]please wait…VA:F [1.9.8_1114](from 0 votes)

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