Former Captive Now Happily Married

Elizabeth Smart’s name became famous back in 2002 when she was kidnapped from her bedroom at knifepoint. For nine agonizing months she was nowhere to be found, and everyone feared the worst. Finally, a biker in the area noticed her face in a diner over 18 miles from her home. In the time since her abduction, Elizabeth had been brutally raped multiple times and even underwent an unnatural marriage ceremony. Her captor, Brian David Mitchell was arrested and eventually sentenced to life in prison for his crimes. His wife was sentenced to 15 years in a prison hospital. Last year Elizabeth spoke out for the first time publicly about the ordeal which she accounts as “Nine months of hell”.
Now that portion of Elizabeth’s life is in her past, and she’s now a happy newlywed. Her husband, Matthew Gilmour is a fellow Mormon. They originally planned to get married in the summer, but changed the ceremony in secret because of the media attention the marriage was garnering. It was a “Spur of the moment” decision and the couple are just happy they are married. The ceremony took place at a Mormon temple in Hawaii.

  1. Evelina & Yussif – We can’t thank you enough for capnruitg our special day. You made us feel comfortable and at ease. Best of all we had so much fun! We can’t wait to see the rest of your work. These photographs are amazing!

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