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What’s the Skinny?
skin • ny

(of a person or part of their body) very thin.
•Kenya is skinny!

An inquiry for inside information:
• what is the story • what is going on • what is happening • what is the background?

The average New Yorker is busy, but needs to know what’s going on – in a New York minute.  The Skinny NYC caters to those living and breathing an on-the-go lifestyle; from fashion & beauty – to: mommy matters, food, culture & travel.  We provide the skinny, the inside information +  au courant news, reviews, previews, tips and more – from one busy bee to another.

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You don’t have to be skinny nor live in NYC to get THE SKINNY

About the Editor

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Kenya is an NYC Creative & Influencer.  Formerly an On-Camera Journalist for ABC7 – WKBW (Official Heat), is currently editor for The Skinny NYC and Facebook Live Producer for Harper’s BAZAAR.

From dishing out the latest in entertainment news to identifying rising stars in Music & Fashion, interviewing Academy-Award winners – and filming demo’s of luxe foods & drinks, she has a knack for content.

Kenya is married with a 15 month old son; her family lives and breathes an NYC lifestyle.


Feel free to contact Kenya for general inquiries, collaborations, projects, or just to say hello at